Finding a new job is always at the top of new years resolutions, so with 2015 behind us, it’s time to figure out which ares are the best and worst places to look for work.
If You're An Active Job Seeker Avoid These Cities

The unemployment rate is at an all time low, but the recovery process has been pretty rough in some areas. Job seekers need as much data as possible to understand just what places, careers, and companies are worth looking into. WalletHub, a financial tools website, analyzed a number of factors including job opportunities, employment growth, and median annual income to determine 2016’s Best & Worst Cities to Find a Job. Three out of the four cities that landed the bottom spots are in California. If you’re an active job seeker looking for a job or a change of pace, avoid these cities if you can.

Stockton, CA: Determined 2016’s worst city to find a job, Stockton has one of the highest unemployment rates as well as a high poverty rate. WalletHub Analyst Jill Gonzalez said there are many California cites that haven’t fully recovered from the recession effects while there are other areas, like Silicone Valley are doing well because of the “tech boom.”
Fresno, CA: Tied with Detroit, this city had the highest unemployment rate of all areas looked at. While it’s at the bottom of the list this year, there is a lot of potential for Fresno, and it’s beginning to see some areas of growth.
Detroit, MI: After filing for bankruptcy, there are signs to economic growth for Detroit. While the city has a high unemployment rate and low media annual income, there are still questions why Detroit land at the bottom of the list. “The Midwest is actually making really huge climbs in lists like this because a lot of entrepreneurs are going from the big colleges and universities and settling down there and creating their own companies,” Gonzales said. “They’re really pulling from top talent and getting more bang for their buck, stretching their investment dollars further as well.”
Modesto, CA: With a high crime rate and unemployment issues, Modesto landed the fourth spot for worst cities to find a job. Even with some obstacles to overcome, the city is working hard to get back on tack and make it a better place for everyone.While many cities around the US have bounced back after the recession, these cities are still a challenge to live and work in. It’s best to stay clear of these cities at all possible, or even move if you live in one of the four mentioned. Moving is a big expense but in the long run it can be the biggest pay off if you find the right city that offers what you’re looking.