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You finally get that very important call for an interview after weeks or months of applications, surfing and networking.  There are a few tips that may make the interview go well if you think about them beforehand.

1) Before the interview: Research the company and their mission and be prepared to explain how you would be a good fit for their position. Understand the company, their competition and the work environment you are applying for.

2) During the interview:  Be prepared with questions and do not oversell. Dress properly and show up on time. Maintain your composure and avoid nervousness..

3) Before you are offered a job: Leave a positive impression as you move through the interview process. Be prepared for questions about salary etc.

Do not feel that you can “wing it” on an interview. Be prepared and your interview may well lead to the job offer.

For an expanded discussion of the mishaps to avoid and interview preparation, see Ellen Chang’s article at

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