Daniel Ayele, Product Manager at LinkedIn recently wrote a blog about data-proven LinkedIn tips for job seekers. With nearly 2.5 million jobs on LinkedIn, it can get overwhelming when searching for opportunities but these tips are backed by data to prove it’s worth the while to focus on these to make you stand out.

Here’s a look at the to-do list to land your dream job in 2015:

Land your Dream Job with LinkedIn

Be prepared: If you are a job seeker, make sure your professional brand is on par. Review and confirm that it showcases experience, accomplishments, and interests while including a professional photo. Add your two most recent positions, list your skills (so people can endorse!) and you will increase your profile views by 12-14 times according to Ayele.

Stayed glued to your job search: 30% of job applications are submitted with in the first three days of a job posting which means if you have the chance to apply within those days, you are 13% more likely to land the job. Join job apps like LinkedIn’s Job Search App, or Indeed’s, to browse positions, stay up to date on roles, apply for new positions, or opt for personalized notifications when new ones are announced. Stay ahead of the game with these apps, to stay on top of your job search, even when you’re away from your desk.

Take some tips from the higher-ups: LinkedIn looked at members in the US who have titles like VP or Partner that were newly hired in March- August of 2014. There were some common trends in their LinkedIn activity in the three months prior to being hired – they understood the value of building and nurturing professional relationships when job searching – i.e. networking. 80% sent connection requests, 50% were participating in groups, and 40% engaged on LinkedIn.

Be involved and aware of your professional relationships: Over 80% of the pool of new hires from March – August of 2014 we actively using LinkedIn in the three months prior to the new opportunities, while 65% were actively connecting with professionals and 45% were endorsing the connections they’d made. These get your noticed and shows your a team player.

Last but not least, ramp up your opportunities: Job Seeker Premium is worth the money if you’re interested in finding a new career opportunity. It puts you as a featured applicant, which positions you towards the top of the list of submitted applications, shows what hiring manager posted the job (giving you ammo to address the cover letter correctly), reveals salary ranges and other valuable information that job seekers could use.

Job seekers who are actively searching should keep these tips in mind. LinkedIn is a huge part of job search success and while there are a lot of LinkedIn tips out there, these are data proven to help understand what works in the world of LinkedIn. So the next time you’re trying to land that dream job, remember these tips and make 2015 the year of new beginnings!