The job market is thriving right now. With jobs being added constantly, there are many fields that continue to grow and so do median salaries.

Median Salaries & Growth Rates

As a job seeker, there are a lot of things to research. Companies, roles, responsibilities, and salary ranges are just to name a few. To make it easier, the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Occupational Outlook Handbook has listed out career information, education and training, compensation ranges, and outlooks for just about every career field.

If you’re in the market for a new job, here are some top career fields’ median salaries as well as expected growth rates over the next few years.

Architecture and Engineering Occupations: Architects and engineering occupations median pay for 2016 was $77,900, with a projected growth rate of 3% by 2024.

Business and Financial Occupations: The 2016 median annual wage for business and financial occupations was $66,530, with a growth rate of 8% by 2024.

Computer & IT Occupations: In 2016, computer and IT professionals earned a median annual salary of $82,860. Employment in this career field is expected to grow more than 12% by 2024.

Construction and Extraction Occupations:  In 2016 the median annual wage for all construction and extraction occupations was $43,610. This is less than other than fields mentioned, but still higher than the median annual salary for all positions of $37,040. This career field is expected to grow 10% by 2024. 

Education, Training, and Library Occupations: With an expected growth rate of 8% by 2024, the 2016 median annual wage for education, training, and library occupations was $48,000. Growth rates in this field will be dependent on school enrollment and budgets. 

Healthcare Occupations: The 2016 median salary for healthcare practitioners and technical occupations was $63,420 while supporting positions such as home health aides, occupational therapy assistants, and medical transcriptionists saw a lower wage average at $27,910. This career field is expected to grow around 19% by 2024, much faster than the average of all occupations. 

Management Occupations: With a projected growth rate of 6% by 2024, the median annual wage for management positions was 100,790 in 2016. 

Math Occupations: With a projected growth rate of 28% by 2024, the median annual wage for math related positions was 100,790 in 2016.

For a full download of all career fields median salaries and expected growth rates, visit the BLS Occupational Outlook Handbook.