Job searching is tough business and many people can get worn out. While more jobs are being created, there are also more candidates competing for those jobs. Common job search roadblocks can make you feel like you’re going nowhere fast, often hindering the search. Don’t let these moments get in the way moving in the direction of your goals.

Here are some common job search roadblocks to be aware and how you can overcome them:Job search roadblocks

Roadblock: You aren’t landing any interviews.

Solution: This can get discouraging and make people want to give up but the best thing to do is turn your thoughts around. View job postings as leads. Take time to research the company, the position and the department. Also network and reconnect with anyone who might be connected with the company. LinkedIn is a great way to find colleagues who might be able to help. Don’t be afraid to reach out to those people for information.

Roadblock: You’ve landed plenty of interviews but no offers.

Solution: Your resume gets you the interview, but the way you interview and communicate your skills and experience will land you the job. If you’ve had multiple interviews but no job offers it might be time to review you interview skills. Find things to tweak or make better. Remember, an interview is all about selling yourself. Convince the employer you’re the one for the job, so answer questions directly and confidently and be prepared with questions for the interviewer.

Make sure you’re following up after interviews. A quick thank you note never goes unnoticed.

Roadblock: You’re trying to change career paths but nothing is happening.

Solution: This is an area that might take a little bit of work. Research the career filed throughly and talk to professionals when possible. From there, reevaluate yourself and see if you have the skills and background to pursue this change. When building your resume, it’s important to include any transferable skills and downplay any that might not be fitting. Highlight relevant experience in both resumes and cover letters.

Common roadblocks don’t have to turn the job search into a dead-end. Take them by the horns and turn them into opportunities to do some soul-searching and lean about what you really want. Sometimes you need to step back and reevaluate the job search so you move in the right direction of career aspirations.