Resume writing tips can help you master a resume but there’s also some other things you need to think of. The obvious ones are proofreading and checking for misspelled words/ punctuation but there are some clichés that you need to stay far away from to have a successful, hard-hitting resume.

Using the word “Passionate

This word has been overused and played out. If you absolutely must use it, show what you’re passionate about. Don’t use it on something silly like, “passionate about working in a team environment” use it to exemplify some you are passionate about that will help show skills while giving a little insight into who you are as a person.

Using the term “Excellent oral and written communication skills”

If you’re using this phrase, you’re wasting space. Your oral and written communication skills will shine through on your resume and cover letter. Hint towards this phrase by adding events you’ve done, talks you’ve given, or situations that needed a good communicator.

The Idea Candidate.

This term can come off two different ways… it can be a confident statement or show arrogance. Let the person in charge of hiring make the decision. Show the best side of you and you will clearly be the “ideal candidate.”

Stay away from “Work well independently or as part of a team

This term screams, “hire me, I’m desperate.” Instead of using this stuffing term, show how you do this. Give examples of situations where you were able to easily transition from working independently to coming together as a team.

Using the words “Dynamic” or “Highly Motivated”

These are stuffer words. Instead of including these, demonstrate through examples. When it comes to “highly motivated” highlight what about the position will inspire you to prove your potential.

When it comes to writing your resume, tailor it to a specific job posting. Smaller businesses might want someone who is “passionate about writing” or a “highly motivated team player” so include those words/ phrases in there, but just remember the clichés highlighted can easily be turned into better, more informative content to really showcase what a great candidate you are.