Is Google your dream job? Do you love all things Apple but don’t know how to land a job at the mega company? Tech companies are becoming the “IT” places to work and many landed top spots for the happiest companies in America to work, but don’t worry, you don’t have to be tech savvy to land a job at these tech moguls.

Tech Jobs Jobs For The Non-Techies

While competition is fierce at these companies, there are many areas where employees don’t need a computer science degree. William A. Schaffer author of High-Tech Careers for Low-Tech People explains there is a need for all types of tech jobs in this field and it’s not necessarily what you know, it’s who you know.

“The key to career success (for non-techies) lies in networking with people in the field. About 85% of all jobs people get in the high-tech industry are through people they know.”

Web Content Writer or Content Editor: This is pretty self explanatory but if you’re a lover of grammar and writing, this might be the perfect position for you. All websites require content, which could be in the shape of a blog, press releases, social media to name a few, and someone or some team is in charge of creating it all. This is where these positions come in.

These positions usually work closely with web designers and web masters to come up with editorial calendars, collaborate on publishing & SEO best practices, and ensure a great user experience. Basic knowledge of HTML is a plus, but usually not required.

Marketing Manager: This is an important area to any company. They work closely with PR and Content departments to create a plan of action for the brand. From PPC Campaigns to television and online ads, marketing managers juggle many areas of advertising.

Having a business background is a plus in this field as there are a lot of networking opportunities including planning and attending trade shows, company trips, and other events that speak for the brand.

Brand Manager: This goes hand in hand with a Marketing Manager but this is more brand specific. You become the voice behind the brand and may work with external agencies to establish a sense of brand loyalty with customers. Brand Managers are involved in ever aspect of the company, whether it’s new product launches or social media, the Brand Manager ensures the correct brand voice.

Technical Writer or Editor: Once again, if you love writing, this a great area to get into. Technical writers take complicated info and turn it into everyday language for users to understand. Documents translated include, instruction manuals, software catalogs, and technical brochures. Having an English or Journalism is not mandatory but usually gives a candidate an added bonus when applying. Equally, having several years or real world experience is helpful when applying.

Public Relations Manager: If you have noticed a pattern here, many of these positions work closely with one another. As a PR Manager you create and maintain a positive company image while promoting news stories, product releases, important company info, etc. A big part of the PR Manager’s job is to communicate with outside sources to release this kind of information. A communication or journalism degree is usually expected or similar work experience.

SEO Manager or Analyst: Search Engine Optimization is becoming a very big thing for companies. You need to know the ins and outs of Google and SEO best practices to get your company on page 1 of SERPS (search engine results pages.) You will work closely with web masters, content teams, and other areas where your website comes into play.

Google likes to change things up by constantly updating rules so websites so it’s important to stay up-to-date with this ever changing area of the industry.

Project Manager: The project manager has a big role when it comes to team building and leading. This person keeps track of everyone and every task to ensure everything is taken care of and all deadlines are met.

Being a people person is a must for a project manager as well as being an effective communicator. There are a plot of personalities that need to be managed when being a project manager. If you love being in charge, this is a position for you!

Analytics Manager: If you love numbers this is a great position for you. Web Analytics Manages user number tracking software to see how the company site is doing during a specific time period. Crunching numbers and generating reports is crucial for this position. You will report numbers and trends to the company to understood how the company website is performing. The more people visiting and staying on the site the better, so reviewing trends, behaviors, and traffic is a must.