Job hunting is difficult at any stage. Older job seekers in their fifties and sixties often make big mistakes that can derail their progress. There are three common mistakes, that can be remedied and give the older job seeker an equal playing field. Follow the rules in social media and you can reap amazing results.

First, many job seekers tend to ignore social media and job apps that are available. They are a great way to showcase oneself and apply for positions that you might not see otherwise. Learning and using social media is not difficult, and today’s job seekers must understand and use it in their ongoing job search.

Next, using Facebook to its utmost can increase the older job seekers chances dramatically.  They must make the effort to understand how to use Facebook to find connections and use it to network. There are an amazing number of people and connections on Facebook and LinkedIn that can help the job seeker find that “right” position.

Finally, make an effort to understand and use Twitter. By staying in the Twitter world with updated posts, by following company tweets and job information. A job seeker can showcase them to prospective employers and find jobs that otherwise may not be advertised. Many employers list jobs at their Twitter sites that may not be advertised elsewhere.

For more detailed information see Forbes

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