Are you looking to change jobs in 2015? According to a new survey by Lee Hecht Harrison, almost half of employees are planning to switch jobs this year.

2015 is shaping up to be a great year for job seekers, with higher salaries and more job opportunities available. Research has even shown that people who leave their current jobs are more likely to earn more at a new position, making it even more tempting to switch things up this year.

As the job market continues to grow, job seekers will need to refocus their efforts on ways to market themselves and these tips can help.

Be prepared: Reflect on your current skills and experience to determine if you have gained enough knowledge to leave your current position.

You also want to make sure your personal brand is up to par. Take time to update your LinkedIn profile, online portfolio, or any other social media networks that might need it. Continue to network and share industry content that pertains to what you’re interested in.

Be a visionary: Create a vision of what you want your career to be. Decide whether your current position will help get to your overall career goals and from there determine, if it’s time to leave.

To create your career goal, focus on what you find fulfilling and enjoy doing. This will help you discover opportunities in the direction you would like to move.

Optimize yourself: Check out what Google has to say about you.. Type your name into Google and see what pops up. Do an assessment and figure out how or if you need to improve your digital brand.

Use SEO (search engine optimization) to improve your digital self. Identify keywords that pertain to the industry and expertise that you have and use them when updating your professional and social profiles. These keywords will help get your noticed by potential employers and hiring managers.

Network, network, network: Be aware of your surroundings and always keep an eye out for networking opportunities.

Keep business cards handy as you never know when a networking opportunity might present itself. Give off a positive first impression, so be prepared to talk about your career goals and experience.

 Keep your job search on the DL: Searching for a job while employed can be difficult so keep your job search on the down low until you have secured something. Creating new opportunities and growing your skills is essential but letting your employer know you are considering a change, might not be the best idea when you don’t have something lined up.

Avoid sharing too much about your job search, you don’t want it to get back to your boss and have an awkward conversation about why. Secure some job interviews and search quietly. While most bosses are understanding there are those who can take it the wrong way and fire you before you have the chance to find something else.

2015 is offering up a lot of opportunity for job seekers, and with 48% of employees looking to change jobs it might be a challenge to stick out from the crowd. Use these tips to help with the transition and to create more opportunities for yourself.