Here’s quick snapshot of news around the industry!

Around the IT Industry:

According to Modis (our sister company):

  • Unprecedented Email Privacy Law Heads for Review by Texas Governor
  • Google Fiber May turn Phone and Internet Providers into a Thing of the Past
  • PayPal Denies Teenager Reward for Finding Exploit
  • Google Unveils New Gmail Inbox and App Experience
  • Xbox One’s Most Disturbing Feature

Around the Staffing Industry:

The first of many steps to selecting the perfect candidate for your job opening is to interview them.  The next should be to assign homework.  It helps to separate the best candidates from each other.  []

The jobless claims average has risen by 6700.  []

According to a new study, 25% of U.S. small & mid sized businesses are planning on hiring in 2013, where 47% say that their staffing levels will remain the same.  []

Talent Management:

The war for talent doesn’t include “death by interview”.  Here’s why 3 interviews should be the max for any organization.  []

Have you evaluated your onboarding methods lately?  Companies are turning away from bombarding new employees with paperwork and unorganized processes on Day 1 to increase engagement.  [Wall Street Journal]

PwC found out the hard way that they need to adjust their company culture for millennials.  Here is what they found works to reduce millennial turnover.  []

Around the Government:

The Obama administration is looking to control excessive spending on contractor pay and is working to put a cap on it.   [Federal Times]

Federal workers that group their furloughed days together may be eligible for unemployment.  [CNN Money]

Even with the sequester affecting federal workers and programs we are still tons of federal hiring.  In fact, the gov’t posted 4300 jobs titles with a total of 10K+ positions.  [Washington Times]

OSHA is stepping up their game when it comes to employer responsibilities towards the safety of temp workers.   [HR Executive Online]

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