Often overlooked by job seekers, a thoughtful and well written thank you note may be your key to getting that job after the interview. Andrew LaCivita CEDO of Milewalk , and author of several books on the hiring process, has several insights.

There are four challenges to consider when preparing to write or send a thank you note.

  • How to thank the employer
  • When to thank the employer
  • What to say in the thank you
  • What medium to use (handwritten, email)

Before writing the thank you, you must consider the benefits of writing it.

  • You get to thank them. You should open with something like” thank you so much for your time and I really enjoyed meeting you.” This develops a connection with the employer.
  • You get to sell yourself. This is where you separate yourself from any others who have sent a thank you. You can highlight why you are such a great match for the job. Sell yourself with specific reasons why you are the best choice.
  • You get to reassure the employer you are interested. This is where you can show the employer your enthusiasm and interest. You can be specific in expressing your interest and calling for action with a closing comment like “I look forward to hearing from you.”

Andrew suggests that you send an email within 24 hours of the interview and drop a card in the mail. Because the card may take a while, let them know in the email, that you sent the card. The greatest part about sending a card is it is tangible and is something that few do, which sets you apart from the rest of the pack.

More of Andrew’s pointers and information on his books can be found at his Huffington Post article.

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