When you combine all the factors that go into a job, money and prestige don’t always get you happiness. CareerCast recently released thier annual best and worst jobs report where they rank a list of 200 occupations. The results are in and some of the jobs might surprise you.

Here are the top 10 best jobs of 2015:

  • Actuary, $94,209
  • Audiologist, $71,133
  • Mathematician, $102,182
  • Statistician, $79,191
  • Biomedical Engineer, $89,165
  • Data Scientist, $124,149
  • Dental Hygienist, $71,102
  • Software Engineer, $93,113
  • Occupational Therapist, $77,114
  • Computer Systems Analyst, $81,150

Many of the highest ranked jobs include mathematics, which is a great plus for anyone who likes numbers. These jobs offer plenty of room for advancement, monetary growth, and overall, has more opportunities.

On the other end of the spectrum, you have jobs that are not satisfying. These jobs include low wages, layoffs and other job worries that come into play. Some are in industries that are rapidly changing due to the technology shift. And some, are even in danger of being extinct.

Here are the 10 worst jobs of 2015:

  • Mail Carrier, $41,068
  • Firefighter, $45,264
  • Taxi Driver, $23,118
  • Corrections Officer, $39,163
  • Photojournalist, $29,267
  • Broadcaster, $55,380
  • Cook, $42,208
  • Enlisted Military Personnel, $28,840
  • Lumberjack, $34,110
  • Newspaper Reporter, $36,267

Worst Jobs News ReporterReporters come in as the worst ranked job for a number of reasons including, salary, having to take on much more responsibility due to technology changes, and the number of hours they have to put in. It’s a demanding job where you have to meet tight deadlines and have a lot of pressure to complete tasks. “It’s very high stress, very high pressure, very little autonomy,”  said publisher Tony Lee.

Some of the other jobs ranked low on the list, have to do with danger. Lumberjacks, firefighters, military personnel and taxi drivers have a lot of risks involved.