Advantages Of Having A Security Clearance

Having an active security clearance is one of the most valuable qualifications transitioning military can bring to a company. Due to the length and expense it can take to apply for a clearance, as well as a shrinking security clearance talent pool, there are many benefits employers offer to qualified candidates who possess a clearance.

Cleared professionals are often more marketable and desirable which is why higher salaries are usually given to those with clearances. According to The Human Resources Association of the National Capital Area, salaries can increase anywhere from 5.8% to 12.8% depending on the type of clearance a candidate has.

Ranging from tuition reimbursement and relocation help, to more unique benefits like first-rate mental health counseling, cleared companies often times have better benefits. Before interviewing with a company, determine which benefits are a make it or break it factor in accepting a position.

Along with being more marketable, having a security clearance also gives candidates advantages in the hiring process. Employers save money by not having to pay for a clearance application, so the money saved often goes towards the new employee’s salary. It also takes a long time to process a clearance application, so if a candidate already has one, the hiring process will take less time, which is an added bonus for both the employer and candidate.

Since security clearances require extensive background checks, cleared candidates don’t have to go through employer background checks. This is another factor that makes cleared candidates more desirable.

Having a security clearance opens more doors and doubles a candidates worth. There are certain jobs that non-cleared candidates cannot apply for. That being said, there are more opportunities available to those who are cleared.