A lot goes into crafting a resume that grabs recruiters attention. Outlining achievements, employment history, and skills are must haves for a solid resume, but there are some resume phrases that can ruin chances of getting a call back.

Your resume is an opportunity to let yourself shine. It’s where you can show off what you’ve done in your career, including career accomplishments, skills learned, and progress made. It’s important to remember to show, not tell in your resume. Avoid these phrases when crafting your resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile.

“Responsible for…” This is a red flag for a list of duties. Instead of listing out responsibilities explain tasks that you excelled in or areas of achievement and how you got there.

“Results oriented…” These words don’t prove anything, they are meaningless to recruiters and employers. Including specific examples and numbers is a great way to measure value. If you can’t show results, don’t add this phrase.

“References available…” Recruiters are not a fan of this phrase. They know if they ask for references, 9 out of 10 times a candidate will supply them. Don’t waste the valuable space on your one page of space to add this sentence.

“Creative” or “out of the box” thinker…” This is another area where it’s better to show it and not say it. If you truly are creative, send an out of the box resume or find a unique way to show case your creativity.

“Ability to…” This is a broad statement, that doesn’t say much. Instead of stating you have the ability to learn quickly, work well under pressure, etc, show instances where there were results that positively impacted to company.