LinkedIn is, of course, the largest and best networking site available for job seekers and, more importantly, recruiters. Over 70% of the positions filled nationally last year were through LinkedIn networking and recruiter placement. That should be a clue as to why you need to understand LinkedIn and be sure you are putting your best foot forward.

Much like your resume, there are things that are very important for you to understand and put in your LinkedIn profile, summary and headlines. Equally important are the things you do not want to include that may turn off potential employers or recruiters.

Kat Moon, of the Daily Muse, highlights five of these items that may make the difference between getting that call for the interview, and disappearing into resume oblivion!

1) Present-tense verbs in the past-role descriptions. Your LinkedIn profile must be updated regularly so that recruiters do not get confused by your accomplishments in multiple “current” positions.

2) Microsoft Word endorsements. While the Microsoft general endorsements may be okay, be more specific with your skills.

3) A full list of every college course you have taken. Include only courses or certifications relative to the position you are applying for.

4) Unprofessional profile photos. A photo showing that you are a professional, and competent is paramount.

5) Log job descriptions. Use bullet points to highlight the specific skill sets you are bringing to the work place with you. Remember, recruiters and hiring managers will only allow a few seconds to skim each resume. Be power-packed!

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