There are so many little tips and tricks to being a better job seeker — clean up your social media profiles, refresh your resume, network,— the list goes on, but the first interaction with a company is usually when the application is sent. Something that’s usually not considered when sending emails is the email signature, but that’s one extra area to include the important information employers need.

Email Signature Tips

Email is one of the most common ways to communicate, and will most likely be the form of communication used at any job. According to The Radicati Group, there were approximately 36 emails sent per person per day in 2014. Demonstrating that you’re able to set up a professional email signature when communicating to potential employers is a plus.

Setting up an email signature with your professional title, name, contact info, and any other pertinent information will save time with each email sent. It might not seem like it’s something to focus on but email signatures are an important part to the “first impression” so keep these email signature tips in mind.

Things to include:

Name: Include your first and last name, leave nick names out

Professional Title: Depending on your work situation include a professional title. If you’re in between jobs, include a professional tagline that makes you stand out to future employers.

Phone Number: Email might be the first form of contact, but hiring managers will want to speak with potential candidates over the phone. Make it easy for them to reach out as many ways as possible.

Link to LinkedIn: The cleanest way to do this is to include a small LinkedIn icon at the bottom of the signature with a hyperlink to your profile. Recruiters who are interested in you are going to want to research you, and LinkedIn is usually where they start. Once, again, make it as easy for them as possible to find what they are looking for.

Personal Website: Many people have personal websites that include portfolios, work experience, about sections and so forth. If you want employers to see what you’re all about, creating and including a personal website is a good idea.


Things to avoid: 

A default mobile signature: If you leave your mobile signature left untouched, it usually has a signature that includes the type of phone it is. Take 5 seconds and switch it out on your phone as well.

Email Address: This is redundant.

Mail Address: Keep yourself safe. This type of information isn’t needed until you’re further along in the hiring process.