Displaying yourself professionally online can be a daunting task, as there are many sites you need to refine to match your resume and professional experience. Luckily, Undercover Recruiter recently polled over 30 experts and has released a list of top tips for a well crafted personal online brand.

Takeaways from the infographic include:

Be yourself. This allows your to connect with others and only enhances your personal brand.

  • Know your audience and position yourself accordingly.
  • Create a strong online identity so people will identify with you. Take time really enhancing your LinkedIn profile. This is the number one career site you should focus on. It’s also a good idea to create some type of blog or website geared towards your professional career.  Whether it be a blog, portfolio, or online resume site, use this the leverage yourself.
  • Be human and socialize. This ties in to being yourself. Take time to connect with people in your industry or the industry you would like to be in. People often forget to be social on social networking sites, so remember to act the way you would in person.
  • Always reply to people. Whether it be a customer or recruiter, if you reply to even the smallest thing or “like” a comment, people will remember that.
  • Reflect and regroup. Always remember your goals and go after them. If you exceed expectations, you will stand out.

At the end of the day, let your personal online brand evolve naturally overtime. Provide your audience with valuable pieces that have a clear focus on your message and brand. If you stay humble and never stop learning, your personal brand will only continue to grow. Showcase the growth through your online presence.

Tips to build a personal online brand