There are many opportunities when you transition out of the military that you may consider as career options. Franchising is an option that many people do not consider, but may be very worthwhile. Rather than working for someone else, if you feel that you have the desire and ability to start and operate your own business, there are opportunities for veterans to start their own business through franchising. Many franchises have no fees, reduced fees, or financing available exclusively for veterans.


Do not think for a moment that franchising is all about fast food and burgers. There are hundreds of franchise opportunities that may fit your personal desires and ambitions in many other industries. Starting one’s own business is difficult and oftentimes requires a great deal of work in building a business plan, finding partners, obtaining financing, etc.  Franchises develop these options for you.

As with any other business, you must do your homework before you make the decision to become a franchisee.

  • Find something that motivates you and you enjoy. There are franchises in every imaginable business.
  • Seek advice from professionals and talk to owners of the franchise you are considering.
  • Consider the amount of time and money invested against what your returns may be.
  • Do not be afraid to seek help from other organizations like the Small Business Administration (SBA), it is designed to support small businesses across the United States. SCORE which is an organization that mentors new business start ups with a special focus for veterans called the Veteran Fast Launch Initiative which is designed to “Help veterans re-deploy as entrepreneurs”

Think about your opportunities to start a new business with a partner who has already made a success of it and can provide you with a successful business plan, financing, guidance and a product that you like and will secure a successful future for you and your family. Check it out. Re-deploy as an entrepreneur.

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