With the job positions increasing, hiring managers are using social media more than ever to understand potential candidates before offering the job. Job seekers should check their social media pages and comb through each network to confirm there is correct spelling, appropriate photos and other info that won’t be red flags. Social recruiting continues to be on the rise and according to a recent study by Jobvite, 73% of recruiters have hired a candidate through social media and 93% of hiring managers will review social profiles before offering a job.

A recent info graphic from Careerglider.com shows just how important social media is when it comes to recruiters.

Things to consider:

  • 79% of recruiters look at LinkedIn, which means, your LinkedIn needs to be on point. Use these data proven tips to make sure it is.
  • 55% of hiring managers have reconsidered a candidate based on what they found on their social media accounts. 66% of hiring managers said they will hold poor grammar and spelling against candidates.
  • Social recruiting has enhanced the way way companies find and vet candidates, seeing a 49% increase in candidate quality and a 33% decrease in hiring time.
  • 70% of recruiters plan to increase their spending on social recruiting.
  • LinkedIn continues to be the top social network recruiters use when researching candidates.