Do you love to travel but don’t have the time or money? There are plenty of travel required jobs that combine work and wanderlust.

Travel Required Jobs

Traveling the world isn’t just for professionals in the aviation field. If you’re a travel enthusiast who dreams of earning a living while exploring the world, here are 10 travel required jobs that might be a good fit!

Archaeologist: Traveling is a core piece of an Archaeologist’s job. These professionals must travel to remote areas of ancient sites to perform excavations in order to learn about past cultures.

Geoscientist: Studying different aspects of the Earth, Geoscientists travel to remote regions to collect and analyze findings.

Traveling Nurse: This position gives RNs the opportunity to explore different places. Usually temporary, traveling nurses are sent to areas of need with housing, travel expenses, and benefits covered in some cases.

ESL Teachers: English as a second language teachers have an opportunity to explore the world while teaching non-native English speaking students. ESL teachers help students communicate effectively using the English language.

Peace Corp Volunteer: While this is a volunteer position, you get paid to travel to foreign places while making a difference in the lives of others. Assignments usually last about two years with benefits covered like living expenses stipend, student loan assistance, and health care.


Travel Writer: Writing can be a tough market to get into, but once you’re in it can open a world of opportunities. Travel publications often look for firsthand experiences, so freelance positions are a great opportunity for this field.

Dive Instructor: With a dive master certification, diving instructors teach the essentials of diving while exploring the depths of the ocean all over the world.

Cruise Worker: If you’re a lover of the sea and want to explore the world, a cruise ship worker is a great opportunity. There are a variety of positions available on cruise lines that offer you the chance to travel the world while making a living.

Tour Guide: Whether you want to be in the hustle and bustle of a big city or live in a small, secluded region, there are always opportunities for friendly, knowledgeable tour guides.

Travel Agent: To help clients determine travel choices, travel agents often visit destinations to get a first hand experience. When they aren’t traveling, these professionals help customers book flights, accommodations, excursions, etc.