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Writing your resume, cover letter, networking, and refining your LinkedIn profile are all important parts of your career search. Even when you get that all-important interview, you must remember that there should be a single idea that comes out in every aspect of your search. You must demonstrate your value.

Maurice Yeager of U. S. News and World Report outlines some do’s and don’ts for showing your true value to prospective employers. While only guidelines, they make sense and may be the difference in getting hired or not.

Do show what you are trying to get across by showing emotion in your writing. Keep the reader intrigued and they will continue to read which is exactly what you want. Use specific examples of your work history as an example.

Don’t tell an employer what your value is with cliché phrases or wording that is commonplace in other resumes.

Do make your material understandable to a wide audience.

Don’t assume your reader knows your industry or your job. Do provide quantitative and qualitative examples of your work.

Don’t lie or exaggerate numbers or statements.

Do demonstrate how you can help the employer’s business in a smarter way.

Don’t make overconfident claims.

Do include awards, honors and recognition.

Don’t hide things you should be proud of and make your reader dig for the information.

The bottom line is you need to show the potential employer your value in concrete way that is not the “normal” lines that they are so accustomed to seeing.

For more details see Maurice Yeager’s U. S. News and World Report

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