Everyone wants to be happy at work, but let’s face it….there is a lot more than large paychecks that goes into keeping employees happy. The key to job happiness includes feelings of usefulness, flexibility, your surroundings, and bonds with other employees. These factors all lead to better satisfaction in the workplace.

Job site, CareerBliss, analyzed users rankings for different areas to determine the happiest jobs in America. Reviewers on the site ranked job satisfaction on a scale of one to five using seven different categories: the person they work for, coworkers, support, rewards, growth opportunities, corporate culture, and the way one works and handles daily tasks.

From there, CareerBliss looked at “middle-market” positions and job titles with at least 20 reviews to determine the results. Uncommon or highly specialized jobs aren’t included in the results. Here are the top 10 happiest jobs in America according to CareerBliss.

  1. School principal
  2. Executive chef
  3. Loan officer
  4. Automation engineer
  5. Research assistant
  6. Database administrator
  7. Website developer
  8. Business development executive
  9. Senior software engineer
  10. Systems developer

So if you’re down on the job, reevaluate where you are. Think of all the factors that create job happiness and work on finding a career that will fulfill those needs. If you don’t know where you want to end up, look into one of the 10 occupations above.