Protected Veteran Status Rights – What is a protected Veteran on a Job Application?

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While the unemployment rate for veterans is getting better, there are still many who struggle with discrimination in the workplace against veterans for one reason or another. Protected Veteran Status Rights are important to understand when applying for positions and if you feel that you are being discriminated against.

Unfortunately, there is a stigma against many veterans, particularly those who have served in combat. Employers often hesitate to hire for fear of issues related to PTSD or TBI whether or not the veteran has even been diagnosed. They just “assume” that anyone who has served in combat must be a PTSD survivor.

In the US, employers are prohibited from discriminating against certain classes of people with regard to employment. This includes hiring, firing, pay and benefits, retirement plans, compensation, promotions, assignments, transfers, layoffs, and other conditions of employment. There are anti-discrimination laws that address these issues.

Many veterans qualify for Protected Veteran Status Rights which requires many firms doing business with the federal government to hire veterans.

Finally, there are employment rights for reservists and guard members that require employers to keep the positions help by reserve corps members open for them upon their return.

For a further analysis of these issues, see Ryan Guina’s article in The Military Wallet.

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