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LinkedIn and Facebook are social media functions that can be of tremendous value to veteran job seekers. They can also be a real deal killer if you do not pay attention to what you say or infer with your posts, likes and responses.

Bob Wheeler of Cleared Jobs has some suggestions that may be worth considering.

Political or social issue statements must be considered carefully. Not to say you shouldn’t have an opinion, but you must be careful when posting or liking political conversations or conversations on high profile social issues.

Consider your Facebook material and contacts very carefully. LinkedIn is a more professional network when compared to Facebook. Do not get overly friendly with Facebook contacts that you are not familiar with. Your comments may be misinterpreted or taken out of context.

Veterans are awesome! While true, you must be careful not to make your posts or comments come off sounding like veterans are owed a position because of their service. Be professional; concentrate on what you can do for an employer, what your skill sets are and what your personal strengths are.

For a more detailed explanation of these pitfalls, see Bob’s article at

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