Here’s quick snapshot of news around the industry!

Around the IT Industry:

According to Modis (our sister company):

  • Searchers Still Choose Google over Bing, Even When Looking at Bing Results
  • US Debating over Overhauling Wiretapping Laws
  • Windows 8 Now On-Pace with Windows 7
  • One-Third of Services Google Tries to Launch End in Failure
  • Spotify Patches a Google Chrome Exploit that Let Users Download Free MP3s

Around the Staffing Industry:

Unemployment numbers hit an all time low…the lowest numbers since 2008.  [Market Watch]

According to a recent study by Adecco, 66% of hiring managers feel that college grads are unprepared for the workplace and 58% of them are not planning on hiring them at all.  [PR Newswire]

Free data and public profiles are starting to replace pre-employment tests that judge potential job success.  []

The number of U.S. temporary workers increased by 30,000 in April.  [Staffing Industry Analysts]

Talent Management:

Is your team full of skeptics or cynics?  The difference is important.  One is a useful member of the team, and the other is toxic.  Check out this article from the founder & CTO of Hubspot to figure out what you team is made of.  [Linkedin]

If you want to create a more valued employee, you must demonstrate respect.  Lee Hecht Harris, a leadership development company, shares 6 ways to do this.  [LHH]

66% of U.S. employers made a bad hire last year costing some upwards of $50,000.  [The Hiring Site]

Around the Government:

Government contract spending has had the largest decrease (3.1%) since 1997.  [Bloomberg]

Obamacare is starting to show signs that it is affecting the job market as companies with fewer than 50 employees are slowest to hire [Market Oracle]

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