You’ve sent the resume, what’s next? Do you just wait and see what happens? No, you follow up!

It can get discouraging when you send resume after resume and hear nothing in return, but that’s when you need to kick it into high-gear and be proactive. These resume follow up tips will help you feel comfortable reaching out and give you a chance to pitch yourself to hiring managers.

1. Making the call: After sending your resume out, there is always that wonder of if it was received, but don’t waste your time asking that question, if you sent it to the place instructed, it’s likely it landed in the right inbox.

Ask to speak to the hiring manager of the company you sent your resume. Take this time to build a rapport with the person in charge and ask insightful questions that will make yourself stand out. You want a chance to pitch yourself.

2. Showoff your knowledge about the company: Next, you want to do some research. Employers like to know you’re interested in their company and excited about the opportunity so review recent press releases, find the hiring manager on LinkedIn and see if there are any active discussions you can chime in on. Use the research of the company to showcase how you would help in whatever discussion it might be.

3. Timing is Key: Following up can be a tricky thing as each company is different. Generally you want to wait 1 to 2 weeks after you submit your resume, giving it time to go through all the hands it needs to and a chance for all applicants to be reviewed. When it’s time to make the call, try to reach the hiring manager earlier in the day before things get busy.

Hiring managers receive a lot of applications for just one job, so following up is a great way to be proactive and show your interest in the position. When you have the opportunity to communicate with the hiring manager and demonstrate your knowledge about the company, it increases your chances of getting an interview.